Acaydia School of Aesthetics Verbal Linguistic Intelligence Test Discussion Response

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please respond  

  1. Do you feel the results of your assessments were accurate? If not, why?Yes, I feel like the result of the assessments were accurate because my vocabulary isn’t that good, for the personality test I scored being Extroversion and I do tent to be quite and at times tent to be introverted but for the most part I’m quiet, for the procrastination test I says that I do not procrastinate but at times with chores I do tend to procrastinate and I hate problems so I do my best to avoid them I’m not a drama person.
  2. Based on personal experience, define the differences between Top, Middle, Lower, and Supervision positions. Based on personal experience Top, Middle, and supervision positions all work together to have a successful organization they all do their part. people in the top positions deal with making the rules and setting up the organization and making the necessary calls, the middle class deals with labor does the work and makes the organization function properly, and supervision positions deal with overseeing the work of employees and making sure they are getting their work done and managing them.
  3. State how the assessment results would be important to identify different levels of management and supervisors.The assessment results would be important to identify different levels of management and supervisors. I think this would be essential for organizations to determine what people to hire to become managers and supervisors that are most suited for those positions in order to ensure the success of the business. 
  4. Note the differences between your own IQ and EQ levels?The IQ measures a persons intelligence and EQ measures a persons ability to identify and manage your emotions and emotions of others. I think my IQ was a bit low but it was interesting at seeing how it works personally I was never the greatest at vocabulary so it’s understandable that I scored a bit on the low side. For EQ I scored in satisfactory there is room for improvement for me awareness is the key for me to find motivation. I will definitely try yo improve my IQ as well as my EQ. 
  5. Which one would be more important for your won career success? Give examples. I think EQ would be more important for my career success because you can learn traits and how to do a job and in order to be successful, run a business, and work well with others you have to be able to identify people’s emotions and know how to manage them. For example, a manager has to be able to manage the employees and make sure they are doing their job and getting things done. However, let’s day an employee has a sick daughter that day and is late to work the manager has to understand and have some empathy and know that the employee is worried about about the daughters health. The manager has to give the employee a break and let them know they understand and not fire them or get them in trouble for that.

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