Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Starbucks Discussion

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A well-known and popular brand I use and shop from fairly regularly is Starbucks. This is a company that is known for its sales in beverages such as coffees, refreshments, smoothies, teas, and more. Personally, I do not like to stick to using only one brand of anything. I find enjoyment in exploring other options and trying new things whether that pertains to foods, drinks, skincare, bath and body, and/or clothing. That does not necessarily mean that I don’t prefer certain items over others, however I would never fully know what I like and what I do not like if I didn’t make an active effort to experiment with other brands and other items from places I don’t usually purchase from. I am curious what those that are loyal to only specific brands would do if their brand(s) were to either go out of business or stop producing the product they support. This is actually what happened to me at a young age and it forced me to test new products out so that I may find something else to replace my previously and no longer available product with. As an example using Starbucks, I also get beverages from places like Dutch Bros, a local shop called Sessions Coffee House, Organic Fusion Teahouse, Honeymoon Tea Bar, and Tonyan Coffee Bar. Depending on my mood and what kind of coffee I am wanting, I have a variety of places that I can get a coffee from if say one is not open or they are out of my choice of drink.

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