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Course: BRE-100-84594


Date: 07/08/2022

California real estate principles 16th edition by Walt Huber

Chapters: 10-12


For this overview I’ll be covering chapters 10, 11, and 12. Chapter 10 financial institutions, there is a lot of useful information covering different financial aspects such as loan choice and factors that go into selecting a loan. Chapter 11 the appraisal basics, goes over a lot of vital information that goes into the appraisal of a property and different factors. Chapter 12 appraisal methods, will continue on from chapter 11 more in detail covering the types of appraisal and the expectations and education needed to be an appraisal expert. Great chapters covering a lot of the information that should be on your real estate license exam test.

Key concepts from chapter 10

A big key concept I took from chapter 10 starts on page 313 under shopping for a loan. It covers a lot of great concepts for the first time buyer not very familiar with the process one of the biggest things is credit scoring. It breaks down a little bit on what the lenders will be looking at on your credit and on pages 316 317 will cover this in good depth. When lenders access your credit profile they’re looking at payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, new credit, and types of credit in use on. On page 317 it’ll cover the different types of credit scoring systems used. A big part to consider when you’re looking for home is not only the home itself but how do you plan on purchasing that home, you should be careful picking your lender and also consider your current standing when attempting to purchase a home.

Key concepts from chapter 11

Key concept in chapter 11 I’ll be covering starts on page 357 General Data and specific data. In this section starting on page 360 through 365, it covers a lot of useful information on lot types and physical aspects and then kind of breaks them down and goes into a little bit more detail on how one can be more beneficial than the other. when shopping for a home or a property you plan to purchase for profit location is definitely a huge aspect of the purchase. Whether your forever home or the property being purchased for profit location is definitely important. On page 360 it gives figure 11-3 as a visual example but it goes over a lot types and physical aspects A-F. A cul-de-sac is a turnaround portion of a dead-end street most people find this type of property desirable though it does have a limited parking in the front yard typically but has the advantage of having a large backyard and more privacy.

Key concepts from chapter 12

Chapter 12 appraisal methods, continuing on with more deaths from chapter 11. In this chapter it gives a plentiful amount of information on the appraisal process and the different techniques used. And also goes into a little bit of depth what it takes to be an appraisal expert. On page 408 through 409 from the licensing fee, appraisers, and appraisal organization section. It goes over a little bit more in detail the level of education for different appraisers trainee license, residential license, certified residential license, and certified general license and will also give a little bit of the education needed to complete any of those. Appraisal expert’s job is not taken lightly as it goes over in the chapter with the legal expectations in the background of education being very important. To just start out with a trainee license 150 hours of education is needed along with completing an approved supervisory/trainee appraiser course which is not included in those hours.

Conclusion recap

To recap I found all three of these chapters very insightful it’s helping me to feel more confident. The information I gain from the three chapters I’m having a better understanding on different aspects of real estate and feeling more confident about passing my exam first. These chapters also cover a lot of useful information for anyone looking to buy a home or sell a home. Though I’ve had the pleasure of already buying my first home a year ago a lot of the information covered in these chapters gives me new insight for the next time I may purchase a home. Especially in chapter 10 when it really gives a breakdown of the different lenders and what they offer. Chapters 11 and 12 also cover in great detail the appraisal process which I’m not familiar with at all after reading them I definitely have a more confident understanding.

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