Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Hazard Classification Discussion

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A few changes that were required to happen was hazard classification now is specific criteria for health and physical hazards along with mixtures. Labels are easier to read and understand it doesn’t matter if the chemical is made in the United States or is imported, they must have one label that has the picture of the chemical does like fatal, poisonous, and flammable. Safety Data sheets have a section 16 format. And employers are required to train their employees on the new labels and data sheets. The only work experience I had been when I was working at an ophthalmologist office, and we got inspected by OSHA and we had no at safety data sheets for any of the chemicals we used in our facility such as sterilizing chemicals for our instruments. I was the only one that had any experience with safety date sheets, but my experience was when safety data sheets were material safety date sheets or MSDS so I had to learn the new safety data sheet system before I could even start getting a list of chemicals we used and obtain a safety date sheet for them. From a person on the street looking at a chemical the new harmonized system is easy to read and understand, being a firefighter and having to learn to read safety data sheets and have a quick guidebook on chemical labels it is easy to go the old way versus the new way because that is what we were trained to do. Depending on what side you are having to look at when it comes to the new standard can determine how you interpret it.

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