Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Decision Making Discussion

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Please respond to faith with 150 words reagarding Decision making on the Moon

1. 5 gallons of water

2.Two 100 lb. oxygen tanks

3. Food concentrates

4. Receiver transmitter

5. Signal Flares

6. First Aid Kit

7. Portable heating unit

8. Box of matches

9. Parachute silk

10. Dehydrated Milk

11. Life raft

12. Compass

13. Stellar Map

14. Pistols

15. Nylon

For my first most important item that I think would be a necessity on this ship is simply having water because in order to continue to do things and work to figure things out you need to stay alive by being hydrated. Along with that I put the oxygen tanks because if stuff was damaged due to the landing who knows how long the good air could still last. For my last one I decided the nylons would be the least important because I am not really sure what it can be used for, and it seems there were many other important items to choose from. From putting all this information together, I think this could be an example of an unprogrammed decision which is mentioned in the PowerPoint slide, because this takes a lot of thinking and consideration to what is really important.

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