Academy for Five Element Acupuncture Human Development Paper

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The issue being discussed in this paper is “Juvenile delinquency” and the psychology behind it. Help me by gathering all the information I need in order to complete this paper/ infographic project.

Backstory: The paper will discuss the crimes that young adults and teenagers commit and the reason behind why they commit said crimes. Statistics state that approximately every crime, in nearly all nations have an arrest rate that proves 15- to 17-year-olds are arrested twice that of those over 18.


Find and submit at least two IMRAD (empirical) sources using EBSCO or other library tools. You may also submit any other sources you believe will be useful to share with the public and/or formulate suggestions. These may include high quality websites like the CDC. Your assignment needs to include the following:

  1. An APA-style References list for any sources you plan to use in your infographic
  2. Full-text PDF copies of least two IMRAD (empirical) sources (the best place to find these is using EBSCO or other library search engines


Layout the content you plan to include in your infographic. Be sure to include in-text style citations for this information, and also include an (updated) APA-style references page. Your content should include:

  1. At least 7-10 facts or pieces of information relevant to your topic
  2. At least 5 recommendations for how we can address the issue

This does not need to be in infographic format (yet). For this assignment, just get your information organized in a word document or pdf.

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