9 Question Organizational Behavior and Management

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1.       How does an understanding of management and organizational behavior lead to organizational effectiveness and efficiency? Why is the study of management theories (classical, behavioral and modern management) relevant today?

2.       What are the four career issues in the new workplace facing managers today? Discuss one of the major challenges, highlighting its importance in the 21st century workplace and how it affects the behavior of people within organizations.

3.       What are the three essential managerial skills? Explain how the importance of each skill varies across the typical levels of management in organizations.

4.       What are the three essential managerial skills? Explain how the importance of each skill varies across the typical levels of management in organizations.

5.       The two segments of the organization’s environment are general and specific. Using an organization for which you are familiar, identify the factors that operate in each. Why is it important to understand an organization’s environment?

6.       Compare how the United States differs from another country of your choice on Hofstede’s dimensions of culture. Explain how your knowledge of these differences would influence you as a global manager if you were doing business internationally.

7.       Motivational theory applications argue for recognizing individual differences. They also suggest paying attention to members of diverse groups. Is this a contradiction? Why or why not? Compare and contrast two motivational theories (one content and one process theory) regarding how they can support diversity within teams.

8.       Visit the following websites and complete the self-assessments:

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire: http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/ilsweb.html

Wiley Schermerhorn: Management:


Take the “Emotional Intelligence,” “Terminal Values,” and “Instrumental Values” assessments.                      Jung Typology Test: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm  Name one significant lesson that you discovered about your learning style, emotional intelligence, and personality by taking these assessments. Using this information, what step(s) do you plan to take to become a more effective manager?

9.       Why are ethical behavior, social responsibility, and sustainability an important focus of corporate governance? Why do you believe some managers embrace this while others resist? What is the virtuous circle of corporate social responsibility? Identify an organization that has successfully embodied this platform.

Each question must have 1 Reference and all answer must have less that 5% PLAGIARISM


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