6 page technical paper

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In this project, you are encouraged to choose a topic, research the previous and current work

in that problem area, pick a particular technical problem and implement or write up a thorough

report in the style of a research paper of 6-­8 pages. During this course, you have already

read a few important papers in the field ­ learn from them as as example.

A link for a sample course paper to help you structure your work and writing will be on the

course webpage.

Follow this outline:

-Title, Author, Work/School

-Abstract: A short summary of your article


-Previous work ­ What are the core issues discussed in this paper?

-Problem you focus on and a technical approach you learned about ­ add your own thoughts

and solution


-Discussion and Conclusion


Helpful information:







[1] ONLINE MUSIC DISTRIBUTION PROTOCOLS: Examine the problem of safe, efficient,

and legal entertainment media distribution over the Internet. You need to give an exhaustive

survey on existing media distribution mechanisms, review their strengths and weaknesses,

discuss digital rights management, and come up with a protocol / distribution scheme of your


[2] WEB SEARCH ENGINES AS SECURITY THREAT: Examine the problem how search

engines can allow hackers to anonymously attack hosts and gather confidential data. You

need to analyze vulnerabilities in current search engine services and protocols and

recommend fixes and countermeasures in server configuration.


finding the optimal shortest­ path route in a network, which entails finding the link­distance

metric assignment to all links in the network minimizing the average delay of packets in a

network. Many solutions to this problem have been proposed and implemented. It is your

task to systematize the most promising approaches and report your insights.

[4] DIGITAL CURRENCIES: Examine the problem of online payment ­ what solutions exist in

theory and practice, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and where is the industry

heading. Propose a solution for paying with digital devices that is secure, efficient and

scalable and attractive for banks and businesses to adopt.

This is a sample paper given by the professor:

sample paper.pdf 


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