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read the book chapter 24 , 28, 30 , 35 , skip sections 5&6 and all footnotes, but read to section 7&8 , ch 37 ,42, 48,49.

· ISBN- 978-019027-3637

· Publisher: Oxford University Press

· Publication date: 2016

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Requirements— Your responses should be approximately the word total suggested for each of the five questions. These suggestions are approximate; do not obsess about hitting these numbers exactly. The text must be double spaced, and printed single-sided, with 1.5” left/right margins.

(NOTE: there is a 2/3 letter grade penalty for noncompliance with each of these underlined factors). For a heading on the paper, use whatever you like as long as your name is present.


1. In Thompson’s view of a case of voluntary intercourse that results in pregnancy, would an abortion when the mother’s life is not at risk be more like the “violinist with weak kidneys” analogy, or more like the “box of chocolates” analogy? Why? (100 wds)

2. After Singer states his position, he also relates some objections to it. Discuss one or more of those, and say whether you agree more with Singer or with the objection(s). Why? (100 wds)

3. Once a decision has been made for a terminally ill patient to die, is letting the person die better than killing the person? Briefly give Rachel’s view; use most of the word count to say whether or not you agree, and why or why not. (100 wds)

4. Name and describe the two messages Nathanson says would be conveyed by doing away with the death penalty. Do you agree, why or why not? (100 wds)

5. How does Warren justify animals having “rights,” while saying that those are not the same as rights accorded to humans? (100 wds)


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