5 Paragraph Essay and a Discussion (same topic)

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PART 1) Write a 5 paragraph essay (intro, 3 bodies, conclusion) based on the readings and videos. Include in-text citations and a works cited page.

Topic: Do animals have the ability to communicate and express emotions as humans do? Explain your point of view and provide supporting examples from any readings and videos provided.

USE MLA FORMAT FOR PAPER AND ALL CITATIONS!!! You don’t need any outside sources! Must be at least 950 words (essay only! Include in-text citations and a works cited page!

PART 2) Using the same readings and videos, write a discussion answering the following questions:

– Can animals learn and form denotative language as we know humans do? Explain why or why not with examples from the reading and the video. Cite your examples in ( ) in MLA format.

– What is Koko’s method of communication? How successful is Koko’s communication?

Be sure to answer all questions with specific examples from readings/videos!

Please send these in two separate word documents.



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