4 forum posts law and international relations 1 350 words 2 250 words and 1 500 words

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Forum Post 1 350 words topic: History of Peacekeeping 1988-present

Individuals can have a tremendous impact on events, including limiting atrocities. We’ve seen how Lakhdar Brahimi’s guidance of the Panel on United Nations Peacekeeping Operations impacted its final report. In this forum, please select one person who has been important in UN peacekeeping efforts, and discuss how he or she influenced a particular operation or overall peacekeeping policy especially as it concerns genocide.

I look forward to reading your posts and providing feedback on the discussions! I may ask follow-up questions after you have presented the initial post, so please revisit your original thread before the week ends.

Forum Post 2 250 words (Bluebook Format) topic: Legal Research and Writing

This week, we will engage in a mock debate over a very controversial subject matter modeled on the type of question that you may encounter if you participated in a debate competition.

Resolved: The United States should adopt the so-called Nordic model in its treatment of prostitution. According to the so-called Nordic model, the buyers of sex face criminal prosecution, while the sellers of sex do not face criminal prosecution.

To spark a lively debate, students whose last names begin with A to I should defend the above resolution, while the remaining students should oppose the resolutions. Students should stay in character throughout the week. Please limit your arguments to legal arguments and base your legal arguments upon research from “reliable sources” of information.

This will be to oppose the resolution.

Forum Post 3 500 words (Bluebook format) topic: Legal ethics

Please find the rules relating to reporting attorney misconduct in your state.

Provide proper citation to the rules, summarize the process, to include to whom the misconduct is reported, how discipline is handled and any related appellate procedures.

Finally, find an example of when these rules have been violated in your state – most Bars have a list of attorneys that have been found guilty of misconduct and what their “sentence” is.

Use the state of Utah.

Forum Post 4 250 words (bluebook format) topic: Paralegal studies

In your Civil Litigation course you studied all that is involved in the complicated and “drawn-out” process of civil litigation. You explored the role of the paralegal in this process which can include everything from gathering information to preparing and organizing materials for trial.

Alternatives to litigation that are usually less costly and more expedient are mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Please use the textbooks and resources from your past courses to answer and discuss the questions below. Also, please review the ADR website at this link http://www.adr.org/

The Cornell Law website also presents a nice overview of ADR at this link http://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/alternative_dispute_resolution

Please answer and discuss the following:

1. Please define arbitration and mediation. What are the key differences between the two?

2. Why would a party rather use ADR than traditional litigation?

3. What is the alternative argument? What are some reasons a party would choose to litigate rather than use ADR?

4. What is the role of a Paralegal or Legal Assistant in the ADR process or in working for mediators or arbitrators?

Please discuss fully and follow the directions you have already been given for discussion forum participation.


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