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Question: What is psychology?

In your answer you should present a definition of what psychology is, and what it isn’t. Then choose three areas of psychology (clinical, cognitive, physiological, behaviorism, developmental, social, social learning etc.) and describe what the subject matter of each area is and how it relates to the overall definition of psychology. Finally, choose a related discipline (e.g. sociology, anthropology, philosophy etc.) and describe how it differs from psychology.

Your paper should be written in APA format. You should begin with a title page, followed by the body of the paper, and a bibliography. You must cite sources throughout the text, however, you may include your own opinions, but be sure to make clear when you are doing this and be prepared to justify your opinions.

Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length (not including title page, abstract, and bibliography). That is, it should go on to the 4th page, but not a 5th.


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