250 words minimum discussion and 3 responses

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Read Bloom Ch. 2, pgs. 34-50.(in the file name Bloom)

Read “How to Write Vivid Descriptions” (in the file name How to Write Vivid Descriptions)

These readings all focus on various aspects of crafting your writing with style—everything from the words you choose to the formality of your tone. For this discussion board, you will be doing a bit of style analysis.

So for the discussion board, you have two tasks:

    1. First, choose one chunk of text from one of the readings—any of them from the whole semester or from the book(I put 6 readings in the file name Choose one Or just choose one from Bloom which is in the file name Bloom)–that describes. Make it relatively short: 100 words or so is plenty. Choose an excerpt that strikes you as particularly effective in its use of style for whatever reason. Type it into your discussion board thread.
    2. Then analyze the style of your selection, focusing specifically on why it works. You can discuss anything from its effect as description, the effect of the formality of its tone, its use of figurative language, its word choice, or any of the other issues discussed in this week’s readings in Bloom or on description. Think carefully through what makes your selection work well.

Please choose three of your peers’ postings and respond to them(will send them after bid). Your responses should add to, expand on, think through, or complicate their analysis. As always, avoid just agreeing with them.


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