200 words writing assignment 02

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Remember – respond to one of the prompts below and include your own question for your classmates to respond to. Total word count: 200

a) Here is an example of the Kuleshov effect. Do you find that it works for you? What kind of emotions or ideas do you find yourself thinking the actor might be conveying? Do you believe if the actor was male you would have different responses? Do you think you might have different responses if the actor was significantly older or younger than you?

b) In even “purer” versions the experiment is conducted just with the zoom only on the actors face and back and forth with the item. It is meant to show not only that editing can imply a physical connection between the objects (like making you believe they are across the street from each other despite being filmed at different times) but also convey emotion into images that doesn’t necessarily exist without the juxtaposition of images. Does this knowledge of how substantially editing can alter the emotions we feel actors are conveying alter how you view acting performances?

c) Network raises warning flags about the potential dangers of populism as well as against the potential corrupting influence of television. However, the plot of the film ties up rather abruptly by tying in a running B-plot concerning revolutionaries in order to stage an assassination at the end of the film. What do you believe this rather far fetched and fantastical ending as the resolution of the film says about the warning flags the film itself raises?


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