2 3 pages of sociological analysis notes

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1. Do some background reading on the UC Davis Occupy Protest (November 18, 2011) from various readings listed below that I’d attach. These will give you a sense of the actual event and some background on the Occupy movement. You are not required to do all of the readings, just enough that gives you a sense of what was happening at that time. Take notes.

2. Watch the 1-minute video of the pepper-spray incident. Take notes.

3. Watch the 15-minute video that gives you a sense of what happens before and after (don’t skip the last few minutes after the pepper-spray incident). Take notes.

Write a 2-3 page paper that considers 1) why the 1-minute video went viral; 2) what additional information is contained in the 15-minute video (which most people did not watch); 3) reflection on the “success” of the protest in terms of raising awareness about Occupy Wall Street and/or the tactics used by the protesters (which were drawn from civil rights campaign’s tool box); 4) anything else that you feel is significant and/or relates to other conceptions and readings in the class


UC-Davis Occupy Protest (1 minute video)

UC-Davis Occupy Protest (15-minute video) (Required)


The Life of A Photo: The Pepper-Spraying Policeman (Optional)

Cherkis, J., “UC Davis Police Pepper-Sprayed Seated Students at Occupy Protest” (Optional)

2 other readings are listed below as attached.


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