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Before writing your essay, watch either Cocaine Cowboys or Burma VJ. Both are interesting and very clearly applicable to what we covered in this lesson.

  • Cocaine Cowboys focuses on the international cocaine trade in the 1970s/1980s, specifically on Miami and the major players involved in the international trade operating there. If you found the discussion of the regulation of markets and how this relates to human rights most interesting, I would suggest Cocaine Cowboys.
  • Burma VJ uses recorded footage of the efforts of activist video journalists (VJ) in Burma in 2007 that was smuggled out of the country. If you found the discussion of social activism more interesting, I would suggest Burma VJ.

Then write an essay in which you apply the concepts from the Lesson 5 discussion and your readings to the movie you have chosen to watch.

Your essay will be evaluated using the rubric below.

Scoring Rubric for Lesson 5 Essay

Format 1.5 to 2 pages single spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1″ margins; 1 point deducted for each 1/3 page too long or too short. 5 points

The essay shows evidence that the student read, understands, and applies the readings: Bonanno et al. (2000), Liu and Lu (2010), and Cocaine Cowboys; or Nardi (1998) and Rosen (2011) for Burma VJ.

15 points
The essay discusses how global interconnection and its relation to human rights and peace are shown in Cocaine Cowboys or Burma VJ. 15 points
The essay discusses the impact of laws and regulations on the ability to realize human rights and peace because of growing global interconnection. 15 points
Total points possible 50 points

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